Homemade & Cultivated

  • Mutton with bone/ Nola Haleem- 200 gm


    Ingredients of Mutton with bone/ Nola Haleem:

    Mutton with bone (nola), moog dal, ginger paste, red chilli powder, curd, cashews, peppercorns, ghee, mint, water, garlic paste, turmeric, onion, garam masala powder, cinnamon stick, coriander leaves, green chilli, salt,

  • Solar Dal 200 gm


    This Sola is made out of white chickpeas which are soaked overnight to rehydrate before cooking them in a gravy made with onions, ginger garlic paste and tomatoes. What makes it special is the addition of a special blend of spices, known as the Sola masala which goes in apart from the usual basic spices used for cooking. This is a family recipe used every week. It contains a special blend of spices which gives it a more authentic Punjabi touch. Little disclaimer that this dish might be a little spicy; you can tone down the meal by simply adding coconut milk.

    🥦 This meal is suitable for vegans
    🌶 This meal is mild spicy
    🥖 Best served with bread or ruti get yours here

    Ingredients: Chick peas, onions, tomato, ginger & garlic paste, whole spices (cinnamon, bay leaf, black cardamom, dried fenugreek leaves), powdered spices (turmeric, red chilli, coriander, garam masala), mustard oil and salt.

  • Chicken small pices fry- 10 Pcs.


    Chicken Tikia is a definite family favorite. I make this every week for my family. The chicken thigh fillets are marinated overnight in a blend of spices, herbs and yoghurt. They are then cooked and charcoal smoked to give the tikia its distinct flavor and taste.

    A definite flavor bomb and a staple in our home-entertaining menu to be enjoyed with friends. It’s such a versatile dish and you can use your Chicken Tikia in so many creative ways.

    Ingredients: Chicken Thigh Fillets, Yoghurt, Ginger, garlic, Chilli powder, Cumin, Coriander, Garam Masala, Turmeric, Fenugreek, Mint, Carom seeds, Coriander, Mustard Oil, Salt.
    For the Chilli Onions: Brown Onion, Ground Hot red chilli, lemon, Salt

  • Pure and Organic Honey of Sundarban

    • Weight: 500gm.
    • 100% pure honey of Sundarban.
    •  collected under own supervision.
  • ঘানি ভাঙা সরিষার তেল/ Ghani Mustard Oil- 1 Liter


    নিজ হাতে ঘানি ভাঙা খাঁটি সরিষার তেল ।

    পরিমান- ১ লিটার

    ঘানি ভাঙা সরিষার তেল/ Ghani Mustard Oil

    • Care for Heart Health
    • Mustard oil works Against Infection
    • Helps for regular Blood Circulation
    • Mustard oil is used for Good Skin
    • Relieving from Cough and Cold
    • Mustard oil Promotes to Hair Growth

    Product from: Pabna, Bangladesh


  • Chicken curry

    Per (Cock size 1 kg) piece Tk.= 650/=

    Food Ingredients:
    Chicken Cock, and other ingredients.

    Chicken curry Cock is very delicious and mouthwatering spicy food. Per (size 1 kg) piece Tk.= 650/=

  • Homemade Shahi Zarda


    Price Tk. 900/KG

    Shahi Zarda Ingredients:
    Suger,gawa (Cow) Ghee, Suger, salt, cinnamon, cloves, plain polao rice, deshi spices.

    Homemade Shahi Zarda in Dhaka is a popular traditional food item in Bangladeshi cuisine. Homemade Shahi Zarda in Dhaka verily goes well with lunch and dinner. Price Tk. 900/KG

  • Homemade Chicken cock curry


    Per (Cock size 1 kg) piece Tk.= 650/=

    Food Ingredients:
    Chicken Cock, and other ingredients.

    Chicken curry Cock is very delicious and mouthwatering spicy food. Per (size 1 kg) piece Tk.= 650/=

  • Chicken kabab or tikia


    Per piece Tk.= 60/=

    Food Ingredients:
    Chicken, and other ingredients .

    Descriptions: Chicken kabab or tikia is very delicious and mouthwatering spicy food. Per piece Tk.= 60/=

  • Beef kabab or tikia


    Per piece Tk.= 60/=

    Food Ingredients:
    Beef, and other ingredients .

    Beef kabab or tikia is very delicious and mouthwatering spicy food. Per piece Tk.= 60/=

  • Homemade Beef vuna


    Price Tk.= 1,300/KG

    Beef vuna Ingredients:
    Beef, turmeric, oil, chili, garlic, salt, ginger paste, onion, green chili, cinnamon, cloves, pepper, plain deshi spices.

    Beef Vuna is a popular traditional food item in Bangladeshi cuisine. Homemade Beef Vuna verily goes well with Roti, Plain Rice or Polao. Price Tk. 1300/KG

  • Homemade Chicken Roast


    Chicken Roast Per piece Tk. 150

    Food Ingredients:
    Chicken, Curd and deshi spices.

    Delicious and Mouth Watering Homemade Chicken Roast Per piece Tk. 150

  • Homemade Polao


    60 tk/plate
    Polao Ingredients:
    Kalijira or Chiniguri Rice, onion, spices. Green chili, ghee, beresta, etc.

    Descriptions of Polao:
    Homemade Pulao is a delicious rice recipe popularly made by Bengalis. 1 plate ready Polaw rice now in Tk. 60/-. With plain Polao may order with Chicken Roast, Beef or Mutton Rezala., Vegetable curry, Alu chop etc.

  • 100% Pure Gawa (Cow) Ghee in Dhaka

    • Weight= 1 KG
    • Made in= Pabna, Bangladesh
    • Fresh & Good Product 
    • 100% hygienic packing
    • 100% Pure


    Not all ghee in the market is healthy. The mixture is adulterated. Homemade ghee is not difficult to make. Eating ghee will not increase fat at all, nor will it increase cholesterol. Rather stay healthy from the inside. And that’s why nutritionists are talking about eating a spoonful of ghee every day. Many people have given up eating ghee for fear of gaining weight. Also, check out the other benefits of 100% Pure Gawa (Cow) Ghee in Dhaka

  • Pure Cow Ghee Homemade

    • Weight= 1 KG
    • Made in= Pabna, Bangladesh

    Pure Cow Ghee Homemade

    Pure Cow Ghee is essential for good health. Ghee is better than any other usual oils. Our pure Ghee can be stored without refrigeration for long duration. Ghee dissolves in fat quickly. That is why it is said to eat ghee. The protein in ghee does not cause other problems in the body. Ghee contains vitamins A, D, E, and K. All this keeps the body healthy, keeps the brain active. At the same time it increases the body’s resistance to disease. Ghee is also known as Desi Ghee, Pure Ghee, Asli Ghee or Gaoan Ghee. Ghee it is used as an ingredient in traditional dishes, as an ideal fat for frying even in Ayurvedic medicine. Ghee is collected from evaporated cow milk cream. Deep brown coloured Ghee is prepared by a traditional process at home.

    Some Key benefits of Pure Cow Ghee Homemade

    • Those trying to gain weight, ghee is for them.
    • Ghee increases the amount of beneficial HDL cholesterol in the blood and reduces the amount of harmful LDL.
    • Ghee is rich in fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.
    • Ghee Maintain hormonal balance·
    • Ghee is helps maintain body temperature in winter.
    • Ghee Relief from cold and cough in winter.
    • Ghee, if proper intake helps to keep the heart healthy.
    • Ghee is considered as a home remedy for bed sores.
    • Ghee helps in the elimination of fat soluble toxins that are produced in the body.
    • Ghee can cure constipation.
    • Ghee if proper intake make the skin soft and wrinkle free.
    • Ghee is rich in antioxidants.
  • Set menue for 1 person


    Set menue: 1) Polau, chicken roast, chicken vegetables, salad
    Set menue: 2) Polau, Rui fish vuna, chicken vegetables, salad

  • Pomegranates /Bedana – 1 KG

    Pomegranates / Bedana can be used to add fine bright colour to your fruit salad. This reddish-pink coloured fruit, packed with juicy seeds which can be plucked and added to salads, jams, and jellies. Pomegranates / Bedana are rich in anti-oxidants and help to prevent inflammation and cancer. They also keep the teeth clean, and are a great source of your daily dose of fiber Pomegranates / Bedana regulate the cholesterol level and prevent arthritis.

  • Shagor Banana — 1 Dozen

    About the Product
    • Relish the soft, buttery texture of shagor bananas that are light green and have a great fragrance and taste. The stalks of Shagors are thick and rigid. Fresh fruits are green, which revolve to a bright yellow on ripening and the flesh contains a white – ceramic colour.
    • Our Shagor banana is fine quality, sweet flavoured, mushy and soft bananas.

    • One banana supplies 30 percent of the daily vitamin B6 requirement and is rich in vitamin C, potassium and fiber.
    • It reduces appetite and promotes weight loss, while also boosting the immune system and keeping the bones strong. It is very good for pregnant women and athletes.

    Storage and Uses
    • Store the bananas in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Fresh, raw Shagor Bananas are green. They turn into golden yellow on ripening. Look for brown speckles and yellow skin to identify the ripened ones.

  • Wood Apple – Kothbel — 4 pcs


    About the Product

    • Wood apples/ Kodbell are brown patched with hard shells. Its brown, fibrous pulp has a scent that is similar to that of tamarinds.
    • Inside the fruit, there are numerous small, white, crunchy seeds that are edible as well as nutritious.


    • Wood apples/ Kodbell kill intestinal worms and aid indigestion.
    • They ease earaches, respiratory problems, and maintain the health of kidneys.
    • Drinking wood apple squash in the mornings prevent sunstrokes.


    Storage and Uses


    • Store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Handle them carefully to prevent cracking.
    • While consuming crack it open and eat the white flesh.

    • kodbel contains vitamin C, and several nutritions which boosts our body strength and prevents us from various infections.
    • Do not eat on empty stomach because it may cause acidity

  • Malta 1 KG

    These imported Malta standard in size as compared. You will notice the skin of these fruits are much brighter and vibrant too. It is easy to peel, these malta are healthy snack alternative.
    Benefits: Maltas are decent wellspring of vitamin C and B complex. They lower cholesterol and control glucose level. It contains carotenoids, which keeps up great eye wellbeing and forestalls blockage. Maltas strips are exceptionally nutritious, fiber-rich and eatable. They are recognized to be useful for skin and nails.
    • Do not eat on empty stomach because it may cause acidity

  • Green Guava 1 KG

    About the Product
    • These green guavas along with hard, pale yellow edible seeds.
    • The off-white flesh is crunchy and mildly sweet with very good fragrance.
    • We selectively collect grown guavas from the best farms and shops
    • Do not forget to check our delicious fruit recipe

    • Guavas reduce the risk of diabetes as well as regulate blood pressure levels.
    • Green guava / Peara are rich in vitamin A, C, folate, fiber, lycopene and other essential minerals

    Storage and Uses
    • Green guavas can be stored in the refrigerator.
    • They get softer and sweeter as they are kept at room temperature for ripening.
    • Do not eat on an empty stomach because it may cause acidity

  • Fresh Fleshy Dragon 1 KG

    The dragon fruit flesh can be white, red, or magenta all to varying degrees dependent upon variety. The red fleshed varieties contain lycopene which is a natural antioxidant known to fight heart disease, and lower blood pressure.

  • Boua Bhat and Vorta somahar


    খুদের ভাতের সাথে ভর্তা:
    ১.খুদের ভাত ১ প্লেট- ১০ টাকা
    ২.ভর্তা ১৬ রকমঃ
    আলু ভর্তা- ৩৫ টাকা
    ধনেপাতা ভর্তা- ৩৫ টাকা
    বেগুন ভর্তা- ৩৫ টাকা
    টমাটো ভর্তা- ৩৫ টাকা
    কাচাঁ মরিচের ভর্তা- ৩৫ টাকা
    ঢেঁড়স ভর্তা – ৩৫ টাকা
    ওল কচু ভর্তা- ৩৫ টাকা
    কচুরমূখী ভর্তা – ৩৫ টাকা
    বরবটির ভর্তা- ৩৫ টাকা
    কাঁকরোল ভর্তা- ৩৫ টাকা
    ডাল ভর্তা- ৩৫ টাকা
    রসুন ও মরিচের ভর্তা- ৩৫ টাকা
    কালিজিরা ভর্তা- ৪০ টাকা
    বাদাম ভর্তা- ৪০ টাকা
    তিলের ভর্তা- ৪০ টাকা
    রুই মাছের ভর্তা- ৫৫ টাকা
    টাকি মাছের ভর্তা- ৫৫ টাকা
    ইলিশের মাথা/লেজ ভর্তা- ৫৫ টাকা
    বরবটির সাথে চিংড়ি ভর্তা- ৫৫ টাকা
    কাচকি শুটকি ভর্তা-৫৫ টাকা
    চ্যাপা শুটকি ভর্তা- ৫৫ টাকা
    লইট্টা শুটকি ভর্তা- ৫৫ টাকা
    পটলের খোসার সাথে চিংড়ি ভর্তা- ৫৫ টাকা

  • Beef bhuna with polau


    beef with polau!
    Have a taste!! Beef vuna and polau for 1 person: offering price 220tk
    Min. Order for 2 persons..

  • Shemai Pitha


    Shemai pitha only 200tk 500gm, freshly prepared

  • Shahi Malai Jorda


    Shahi Malai jorda at 400 taka 500gm. Malai prepared from milkcream and lots of nuts and baby sweets used to garnish the dish

  • Polau, roast and egg


    1 pc Roast, polau and 1 egg with cucumber only 150tk per box minimum order 2 ….. offering promotional price please try.

  • Beef Bot Bhuna


    beef bot with khasta parata, sei level er yummy dish😋😋: keu chaile shudhu beef bot order korte paren.
    je je khete chan joldi order korun..🍽
    250gm 200tk…❤

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