• 100% Pure Gawa (Cow) Ghee in Dhaka

    • Weight= 1 KG
    • Made in= Pabna, Bangladesh
    • Fresh & Good Product 
    • 100% hygienic packing
    • 100% Pure


    Not all ghee in the market is healthy. The mixture is adulterated. Homemade ghee is not difficult to make. Eating ghee will not increase fat at all, nor will it increase cholesterol. Rather stay healthy from the inside. And that’s why nutritionists are talking about eating a spoonful of ghee every day. Many people have given up eating ghee for fear of gaining weight. Also, check out the other benefits of 100% Pure Gawa (Cow) Ghee in Dhaka

  • Pure Cow Ghee Homemade

    • Weight= 1 KG
    • Made in= Pabna, Bangladesh

    Pure Cow Ghee Homemade

    Pure Cow Ghee is essential for good health. Ghee is better than any other usual oils. Our pure Ghee can be stored without refrigeration for long duration. Ghee dissolves in fat quickly. That is why it is said to eat ghee. The protein in ghee does not cause other problems in the body. Ghee contains vitamins A, D, E, and K. All this keeps the body healthy, keeps the brain active. At the same time it increases the body’s resistance to disease. Ghee is also known as Desi Ghee, Pure Ghee, Asli Ghee or Gaoan Ghee. Ghee it is used as an ingredient in traditional dishes, as an ideal fat for frying even in Ayurvedic medicine. Ghee is collected from evaporated cow milk cream. Deep brown coloured Ghee is prepared by a traditional process at home.

    Some Key benefits of Pure Cow Ghee Homemade

    • Those trying to gain weight, ghee is for them.
    • Ghee increases the amount of beneficial HDL cholesterol in the blood and reduces the amount of harmful LDL.
    • Ghee is rich in fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.
    • Ghee Maintain hormonal balance·
    • Ghee is helps maintain body temperature in winter.
    • Ghee Relief from cold and cough in winter.
    • Ghee, if proper intake helps to keep the heart healthy.
    • Ghee is considered as a home remedy for bed sores.
    • Ghee helps in the elimination of fat soluble toxins that are produced in the body.
    • Ghee can cure constipation.
    • Ghee if proper intake make the skin soft and wrinkle free.
    • Ghee is rich in antioxidants.

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